Justin Gleben (drums), Nicolai Kozel (bass) Tim Villa (vocals, guitar).

H Y M N   V I L L A

With roots in Toronto and ties to Barrie, Hamilton, and beyond, Hymn Villa is an inimitable rock outfit that is uninhibited yet refined, assuredly taking listeners into their tasteful orbit swirling with infectious rhythms, thoughtful grooves, and hooks so catchy they make you curse under your breath. Initially started as a solo project by frontman Tim Villa in 2017, the band has been gaining momentum ever since with an ever-evolving lineup and vast repertoire. Lucky enough to make it through the recent pandemic, Hymn Villa entered 2020 equipped with scrappy, hard-hitting T. Rex-style rock and roll boogie, and have recently emerged with more thoughtful and introspective additions to their catalogue, taking from the likes of Lou Reed circa Coney Island Baby, 60s Scott Walker and 70s Dion, along with more sinister entries akin to Alexandra Savior, Tonetta and The Leather Nun. The difficulty in pinning them down and putting them into a box could be Hymn Villa’s greatest strength, and the versatility of their sound makes them a joy to listen to and places Hymn Villa in a genre all their own.

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